Keep it simple for a simple game.

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But I never left.

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Then there are offices like mine where us employees have never left.

When offices first began closing due to the pandemic back in February or March 2020, myself and my coworkers stayed in the office. There was a brief period of time — about a month, maybe a month and a…

Or, how I learned how I work best.

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Better late than never.

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The charming first episodes make me nostalgic for the television shows of yesteryear.

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Like with most major franchises, fanfiction exploded within the fandom.

Fanfiction, in my opinion, is a wonderful way for people to show their love for a franchise. It allows people to exercise their creative muscles, to continue the adventures, to answer what ifs, to further develop characters, to fix any plot holes or even…

And why some gamers weren’t satisfied with it.

And what humans could learn from them.

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In my humble opinion — spoilers for the movie ahead.

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And it was good.

Not great, not in the same category as the original…

Because achieving “perfection” implies that there is an endpoint to growth.

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Unfortunately, my perfectionism got in the way.

When creating art, I’ve…

But I respect the game’s hustle and impact.

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