Slow Down Before You Fall

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I slipped and fell on my tailbone in the parking lot of my day job yesterday while going towards my car. While sore, I was okay (and lucky) enough to just pick myself back up and head home.

I couldn’t afford the time if the slip did more damage than a bruise, anyway. After working at the office all day, I needed to get home in time to meet with a client I’m dogsitting for this weekend as well as being the designated driver for a younger cousin’s appointment. A shower and dinner were thrown into the mix when time was allowed.

While I could have done without the pain, that little slip did make me pause and take a few deep breaths.

Slowing down is something we can all do at this time of the year.

These past couple of months have been riddled with strict schedules involving dogsitting gigs, family parties for birthdays and holidays, social obligations, gift planning and shopping for Christmas, all around the typical 9 to 5 grind. My mind was a whirlwind trying to remember what needed to be done that afternoon, that weekend, that upcoming week before my feet slipped out from under me and I was landing hard on the concrete.

It smarted, but it did clear my mind.

In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, be sure to take care of yourself:

  • Sit down for your next meal instead of rushing through it, or eating while standing.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Take a few extra minutes in the shower or relax in a bath.
  • Take a walk with the dog.
  • Take a few minutes to just sit on the couch, either by yourself or with a loved one.
  • Turn off your phone, even if it’s only for fifteen minutes.
  • Likewise, step away from your computer.

There is wisdom in the old adage to stop and smell the roses. Just, you know, watch out for black ice.

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